**Recap of Biomimicry Presentation

The presentation by Great Lakes Biomimicry was a fantastic learning experience for all. We met at The Lodge at the Toledo Zoo on an unusually warm Fall day. The 3.5 hour presentation- How Biomimicry Can Inspire Sustainable Design began by defining biomimicry (innovation through emulation of biological forms, processes, and systems). The presentation included several hands on sessions (e.g. matching human inventions with the biological models that inspired them). Attendees also learned how nature's solutions typically are far more resourceful than human engineered solutions. Other topics explored were the Genius of Biome, the economic and sustainable value of biomimicry, the value of implementation and much more.

Another highlight of the seminar were the Toledo Zoo 'Animal Ambassadors'.

Thank you once again to The University of Akron and Great Lakes Biomimicry for an interesting and informative seminar!


With all of the far range planning required and all of the uncertainty regarding where we will be at by October with COVID-19, it was decided to postpone the CICEA Fall Green Building Workshop

until Fall 2021.

We cannot wait to see everyone at next year's workshop!